Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MPC/Gateway out of business. Where to get Tech Support

Hello all,
I am a former employee of MPC Computers. On November 4th, 2008 MPC filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in an attempt to restructure. However by the end of 2008, MPC changed its restructuring to a liquidation leaving a lot of customers without Tech Support. There are a lot of customers who are in need of Tech support and have nowhere to go.

STOP!! Before you buy a new computer, email me at gtwmpctechsupport@gmail.com
ith the issue you are having and I would love to assist you with free Tech Support.

In your email please include your serial number, issues you are having, and any trouble shooting you've tried already.

Note: this is free tech support, however take into consideration I am unemployed as a result of the closing of MPC computers. I have included a link to my pay pal account and would appreciate any donations offered. I'm offering this service as I loved doing what I did for MPC computers, I have the knowledge, and I'm able to assist many of you on getting your computers up and running.


  1. Hi,

    I've helped set up a community forum as a resource for MPC and Gateway pro customers at: http://mpctechsupport.com

    You might want to check it out as it's starting to get much more attention with the MPC support site going down.

    Feel free to post your donation info in your forum profile if you set one up.

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